Heavy Load Shelving

Will Corefix Support Heavy Loads on my Shelves?

Corefix has been designed from the 'ground up' over two years with the goal to manufacture a fixing to carry extra heavy loads on dot and dab / drylined walls. Unlike plastic versions, the steel core in this cavity wall fixing transfers the load from the plasterboard to the solid blockwork or masonry material behind and whilst other frame fixings claim to perform the same role these can severely distort or crush the plasterboard into the void. A shelf would normally be supported on four fixings and Corefix has been tested to specifically to 250kg on a cantilver shelf installation

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Several people have tested Corefix, see Roger Bisby's review written for 'Professional Builder Magazine', DIY Doctor and we've had our own animated video shot showing how easy it is to install Corefix, please click on any of the links

How to Install a Shelf for a Heavy Load onto a Dot & Dab / Drylined Wall

Mark required location of shelving bracket holes. Generally a minimum of four Corefix dot & dab wall fixings would be used per shelf. Drill hole to required depth using a 10mm masonry or SDS drill bit

Ensure all debris and dust has been removed from the hole. Gently tap the Corefix plug into place until the flange contacts the wall surface

Then tap the metal core into place until it is flush with the Corefix plug flange

Offer the bracket up to the wall and ensure bracket is totally secure and that screws are 'tightened up' in all fixing locations. If shelf is to be used to support heavy loads, ensure shelf bracket is secured to underside of shelf to avoid this slipping forward  

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