DIY SOS – How the Versatility of Corefix can come to your Rescue!

Stuck at home and scratching your head about which fixing you need….

Corefix has been in the market for a few years now and due to its simplicity in installation and glowing customer reviews it is fast becoming the go-to fixing for both DIYers and those in the trade industry!

For those of you who don’t know, Corefix is a heavy-duty plasterboard wall fixing, specifically designed and tested for hanging heavy stuff to dot and dab plasterboard walls. A dot and dab wall is plasterboard stuck over the top of the block or brickwork behind. Corefix is made up of 3 parts; an expanding wall plug, heavy-duty steel core and screw.

The set of components work together to bridge the plasterboard and the cavity transferring the load of the fixture from the plasterboard to the blockwork behind. This provides an incredible and independently tested safe working load of 100kg in Masonry block work and 73kg in Lightweight Thermalite blockwork.

Corefix is also really easy to install when compared to other fixings and can be installed in less than one minute, without the need for specialist tools. Simply….

Those once time consuming and costly workarounds are a thing of the past. Giving you, the installer, the peace of mind to fix whatever (below 100kg in weight) you need to, to a wall structure that used to cause everyone so much trouble.

But don’t take our word for it, the strength and versatility of Corefix has been raved about by many a DIYer and tradesman….

@thechesirehome (+2k Followers)

“We thought that not only was your product fantastic, but it gave us peace of mind that our wall hung cabinets would stay on the wall too!”


The Skill Builder, Roger Bisby (+30k Views)

“Corefix is a clever fixing and it means that whenever you’re fixing television brackets, boilers, anything heavy like that and you need a really secure fixing, then these are the fixings for you” 

Charlie DIYte (+200k Views)

“If you’ve got something really heavy to hang on plasterboard walls with a void behind, for example a big Plasma or LCD TV bracket, this is the fixing for you” 

...Told you not to just take our word for it!

So for the many of you stuck at home with those niggling jobs to do where you couldn’t quite find the right fixing for your plasterboard dot and dab wall, look no further….

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