Fast & Strong Dot n' Dab Fixing

Dot & Dab Wall Fixing Solution

Dot & Dab Wall Fixing Solution

• Suitable for most modern  homes with plasterboard / dot & dab walls
• Trusted and independently tested incredibly strong fixing, 100kg safe working load*
• Fast installation, no specialist tools required, drill, 10mm bit, hammer & screwdriver
• For all wall types, brick, block and light weight concrete  *see technical datasheet

Corefix – Technical

Corefix – Technical

A - 5 x 100mm, plated for corrosion resistance
B - Heavy duty thick walled steel core
C - Precision engineered for a ‘trusted’ fit
D - Strong shoulder for secure steel core insert
E - Secure flange to set consistent installation depth
F - Multiple anti rotation ribs
G - Aggressive serration angle for secure anchoring 

Quick & Easy Wall Fixing



A bracket can be fixed using Corefix within 50 seconds, watch the video directly above if you don’t believe us, it really is that quick!

Strength Tested

Strength Tested

Product performance has been independently tested and verified. In house tested to over 250kg on four fixings with a safe working load of 100kg. Test results can be viewed on our technical datasheet

Where To Use Corefix

Where To Use Corefix

The product was developed to safely secure wall hung kitchen cabinets but it will support any heavy load on a dot & dab wall, to include but not exclusively, wall hung cabinets, large screen TVs, boilers, radiators, sanitaryware & heavy duty shelving

Where To Buy Corefix Dot and Dab Fixings

Where To Buy Corefix Dot and Dab Fixings

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The Benefits of Using Corefix

  • Required for most modern houses

    Obtaining a secure fixing to a drylined (dot and dab) wall is notoriously difficult.  Corefix solves this problem by securing the load to the solid wall behind, and not to the plasterboard. 


  • Huge Load Rating

    Tested to over 250kg (without failure) with a safe working load of 100kg based on 4 x Corefix fixings. Corefix has been independently tested for tensile and sheer strength with its performance verified. 

  • Robust and Dependable

    With Corefix the load is supported by the solid wall behind, not the plasterboard.   Corefix is well-engineered using quality materials and heavy duty components, with the metal parts being plated for corrosion resistance.


  • Superfast installation

    Very quick and easy installation with no specialist tools required.  All that is needed is a 10mm drill, hammer and screwdriver.  The straight-forward fixing system comprise of a patented plug, metal insert and single screw.

  • Corefix is Ideal for

    Wall mounted large screen TV's, wall hung cabinets, shelves, boilers, radiators, sanitaryware and much more!  Corefix has been designed for drylined walls, but is also suitable for other wall construction types.

  • No more bowed Plasterboard

    Corefix bridges the void between plasterboard and the solid wall behind with STEEL thereby preventing the plasterboard from crushing into the void (as is common with many other types of fixing).



What is a drylined wall?

A drylined wall is a solid masonry wall that has been faced with plasterboard, typically supported on blobs of adhesive (dot and dab).  The plasterboard is spaced away from the masonry leaving a void behind much of the plasterboard.

Drylined walls can be found in most modern or extended houses.

To determine what kind of wall you have you can tap them; drylined walls will generally sound hollow and in certain places will give off a duller sound, indicating the location of an adhesive blob (dab) or a timber batten.  To be certain you may need to drill a small hole though the plasterboard; with drylining you will normally find a void behind the plasterboard and solid masonry at a depth of between about 20-40mm.

Why choose Corefix?

Corefix is not reliant on the strength of the plasterboard, it transfers the load directly to the solid masonry behind via the steel insert.  Most traditional fasteners used for drylined walls impart a point loading on the plasterboard, which when the screw is tightened crushes the plasterboard into the void, potentially damaging the wall finish and visually distorting the wall.

Fixings reliant on the strength of the plasterboard alone may not be suitable to reliably fix heavy items.

Corefix provides a quick, easy and reliable solution to a long term problem.  Previously fixing to drylined walls has been notoriously difficult with many builders devising time consuming ways of overcoming this, such as drilling a larger hole in the plasterboard and inserting a homemade spacers. 

What can be secured to a wall using Corefix?

Corefix is suitable for almost any wall hung object, including very heavy items.  It is particularly suited to shelves, wall cabinets, wall hung TVs, boilers, radiators and hand rails.


How do I install Corefix?

Corefix can be installed extremely quickly without specialist tools or drill bits.  All that is needed is a 10mm masonry drill, hammer and screwdriver. 

Simply drill the hole through the plasterboard and into the solid wall behind, ensuring the total depth is a minimum of 100mm, remove any dust or debris from the hole before gently tapping the Corefix plug into place until the flange sits against the plasterboard.  Tap the steel core home until flush with the plug, then install your bracket using the supplied screw.  For more information please refer to the videos and datasheet.

How has Corefix been tested?

Corefix has been rigorously tested in house and also by an Independent Test Laboratory and has been proven to safely support huge loads.  The recommended safe load of 100kg (4 x fixings) includes a conservative Factor of Safety (see datasheet for further details).


Can Corefix be used with lightweight aerated concrete blocks?

Corefix has been independently tested with lightweight concrete blocks and has shown excellent tensile and sheer values. The recommended safe load of 73kg (4 x fixings) includes a conservative Factor of Safety (see datasheet for further details).


Can Corefix be used with other wall boards/materials?

Due to its unique construction Corefix is ideal for a range of wall boards as the steel insert transfers the load directly to the solid masonry behind.  Other materials that it can be used in conjunction with include fibreboards and insulated plasterboard.  Corefix is ideal for use with a range of solid wall constructions, including blockwork, brick, stone and concrete.

Will Corefix still work when the void behind the plasterboard is greater than 10mm?

Corefix bridges the cavity with steel and is suitable for use with voids up to 25mm (excluding plasterboard thickness).

How can I check for wires or pipe locations before drilling?

We would recommend using a wire and pipe detector, although care should be taken as these may not detect plastic pipes where used.  Typically wires should run either horizontally or vertically to switches or sockets.